Her Skillful Work - Your Purposeful Purchase - Their Impacted Lives 

I opened The Two Thirteen Shop in 2016 in an effort to provide you with a place to purchase beautiful, handmade, above trade products made by hard working, talented women around the world. After spending more 10 years overseas, mostly in Nepal, I saw first-hand how small, sustainable and ethical businesses can impact communities in tremendous ways. I was able to be a part of helping three local women, who are some of my dearest friends, start Blessed Hope Nepal. With the help of many others, Blessed Hope Nepal has continued to be an amazing business. Owned and operated by local women, it is a unique haven for their artisans and a community within itself. Your purchase helps sustain jobs for women artisans in Nepal and developing countries. The more we sell, the more jobs are created and the more lives are positively impacted. When we impact the lives of women we impact their family and the community they are a part of and when that happens there is no limit to all of the great things that can be done. I'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions then please email me thetwothirteenshop@gmail.com. Together we will continue to make a positive global impact. 

Thank you for visiting my shop! 
- Kristin